MINNICK ASSOCIATES specializes in the conservation of wooden objects and frames, gold leafing, glass and ceramic materials restoration, and other related areas of conservation.  

As a result of successfully completing a wide range of projects throughout the community with specialization in precise museum quality work, MINNICK ASSOCIATES deal primarily in conservation for historical agency collections and major private holdings.

Following traditional practices, our work skills were obtained primarily by apprenticeship and on-the-job training, with courses of formal study through attendance at the following institutions.

1977-79 - Escuela Profesional De Decoracion Y Pintores; Barcelona, Spain. Traditional Faux finishes, trompe l’ oeil and traditional gilding methods.
1977-79 - Escuela Massana; Barcelona, Spain.
Retablo and decorated gilding methods.
1976-79 - University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Honolulu, Hawai'i
Chemistry and Botany.
1996 - Buffalo State College, Buffalo, N. Y.
The Conservation And Historic Technology Of Picture Frames.
2003 - International Academic Projects - Professional Development Programme. Sydonie Estate House, Zellwood, FL. Conservation Of Glass
1988 - Gilded Wood: Gilding Conservation Symposium. Philadelphia Museum of Art; Philadelphia, PA
1994 - Painted Wood: History and Conservation. Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; Williamsburg, VA

To remain abreast of current treatment methodologies, we are routinely in communication with others within the conservation field, and attend relevant symposia, classes and workshops. Membership(s) in relevant organizations can be found below.

Institutional Collections
1979 - Hulihe'e Palace: Glenn Mason (Recreation of Kalakaua Period painted wood surfaces.)
1982 - 'Iolani Palace: H. J. Bartels (Repair, surface reconstruction, and gold leafing of five frames for royal portraits.)
1983 - 'Iolani Palace: Alex Klahm (Color analysis of two bronze royal coat-of- arms plaques.)
- 'Iolani Palace: Glenn Mason (Restoration of a painted plaster royal coat-of- arms plaque.)
- 'Iolani Palace: H. J. Bartels (Restoration of two wooden picture frames, restoration and gold leafing of a royal portrait frame.)
1984 - 'Iolani Palace: H. J. Bartels (Restoration of two gilt picture frames, one statuary pedestal, and one wardrobe.)
- Queen Emma Summer Palace: Mildred Nolan (Repair of an antique sideboard.)
1985 - 'Iolani Palace: H. J. Bartels (Restoration and gold leafing of a frame for a royal portrait.)
- Royal Mausoleum - Mauna'ala: Healani C. Doane (Restoration of pews and altar furnishings.)
1986 - Royal Mausoleum - Mauna'ala: Healani C. Doane (Restoration of railings and a royal bier.)
- 'Iolani Palace: H. J. Bartels (Restoration and gold leafing of a royal portrait frame.)
1987 - 'Iolani Palace: H. J. Bartels (Restoration of three Palace tables)
- Hulihe'e Palace: Glenn E. Mason (Restoration of damaged faux finishes on columns and baseboards)
1988 - Royal Mausoleum - Mauna'ala: Healani C. Doane (Restoration of a royal bier)
1989 - Royal Mausoleum - Mauna'ala: Healani C. Doane (Restoration of a Kalakaua bust and koa pedestal.)
1989 - State Judiciary: Jane Silverman (Restoration of a carved high-back chair)
1990 - 'Iolani Palace: H. J. Bartels (Analysis, restoration, and gold leafing of Queen Lili`uokalani's portrait frame.)
1991 - 'Iolani Palace: H. J. Bartels (Restoration of a gilt wooden picture frame.)
- Royal Mausoleum - Mauna'ala: Healani C. Doane (Conserve kahili stands, royal bier, and koa pedestal.)
1992 - 'Iolani Palace: H. J. Bartels (Restoration and French polishing of a mated koa pedestal)
1993 - 'Iolani Palace: H. J. Bartels (Reversal of water damage and French polishing of a small koa table.)
- Royal Mausoleum - Mauna'ala: Lydia Maioho (Preparation and gilding of all lettering on marble shutters inside The Kalakaua Crypt.)
1994 - 'Iolani School: Fra. Thomas Yoshida (Finishing of Chapel altar, cross, and other furnishings in faux marbré and gold leaf.)
1995 - Mission Houses Museum: Deborah Dunn (Conservation of Pedestal Table)
1997 - Waioli Mission House: Wm. Terheggen (Color analysis and development of painting scheme on interior surfaces)
1999 - Mauna Kea Beach Hotel: Michael Jones (Gold leafing a pair of bronze 18th c. Buddhist Disciples) Link
2000 - Washington Place: H. J. Bartels (Conservation of a Queen  Liliuokalani Native Woods Inlaid Table by Wm. Fischer) Link
- 'Iolani Palace: Corinne Chun-Fujimoto (Conservation of a painted Kalakaua Coronation Urn.) Link
- Hawaii Theater Center: Sarah M. Richards (Fabrication and gilding of Donor plaques.)
2002 - Washington Place: H. J. Bartels (Restoration of State Dining Room Suite of Furniture) Link
- Royal Mausoleum - Mauna'ala: Bill Maioho (Partial Gilding Of Kalakaua Crypt) Link
2003 - 'Iolani Palace: Stuart Ching (Conservation of a Gilt Pedestal Table) Link
- 'Iolani Palace: Stuart Ching (Conservation of a Queen Kapiolani Walnut Cylinder Top Desk) Link
2006 - 'Iolani Palace: Stuart Ching (Conservation of a Gothic Revival Ebonized sidechair) Link
- Mission Houses Museum: Margo Vitarelli (Conservation of a Walnut and Mahogany Sidechair) Link
- The Contemporary Museum: Cynthia Low (Conservation of an H. C. Westermann inlaid wooden box)
2007 - Washington Place: Corinne Chun-Fujimoto (Conservation of Queen Liliuokalani Walnut Bedstead, two Chinese Rosewod Stands and Giltwood Frame)
- Bishop Museum: Betty Lou Kam (Restoration of large Koa Display)
- Bishop Museum: Betty Lou Kam (Conservation of Koa Table made by Wilhelm Fischer and Native Woods Inlaid Table made by Wm. Menzel) Link
2008 - Bishop Museum: Betty Lou Kam (Conservation of Koa "Clef" Bench by Henry Weeks, Jr.)
2010 - Honolulu Museum of Art: Shawn Eichman (Conservation of Ming Dynasty Armchair) Link

Private Collections

[Note: Professional ethics do not permit the identification of owners of private objects, or detailed descriptions of their projects without specific permission. Certain projects, selected from many, are generally described below]

- Detailed repairs, with considerable inpainting of miniature scene paintings on two pairs of 18th century Persian doors.
- Restoration of important Imari porcelains.
- Conservation of a 17th century Jacobean sideboard.
- Conservation of a 18th century saltier of wood, ivory, and mother-of-pearl.
- Restoration of a George Washington table.
- Reconstruction of broken nose on a Gandhara head (stone).
- Restoration with inpainting of Japanese lacquered tray.
- Creation of chinoiserie scenes on a red lacquered grand piano.
- Painting of faux travertine finish on exterior doors.
- Evaluation of degrading surface on 19th century terra-cotta urn. Link
- Restoration and inpainting of a 18th century French lacquered steel tray.
- Restoration of four Frank Lloyd Wright pieces of red oak furniture.
- Restoration, finishing, and gilding of a neoclassical mahogany, walnut, and bird's eye maple secretary with bas relief carved Egyptian motifs.
- Conservation of Umeke kou (Hawai'ian calabash) Link
- Conservation of an 18th century Gilt Girandole Frame.
- Conservation of late 19th century Queen Anne style Armchair, one of a pair. Link
- Conservation of a koa settee from first half 19th century . Link
- Conservation of an Brazilian Rosewood Chaise-Longue Link

- Faux finishes and gold leafing in many Island homes and businesses since 1974.

Affiliations /Membrships:

American Institute For Conservation Of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC)

Wooden Artifacts Specialty Group (WAG)

Hawaii Museums Association (HMA)

Society Of Gilders (S.O.G)

Western Association for Art Conservation (WAAC)

Other Sites Of Interest

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The Honolulu Museum of Art (formerly Honolulu Academy of Arts)

Bishop Museum

Mission Houses Museum

The Getty Conservation Institute (GCI)

Conservation OnLine (CoOL)

MINNICK ASSOCIATES would be pleased to provide further information on specific work procedures to interested parties. Treatment recommendations and practices are guided by the AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.

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