Koa Bench


  Closeup of legs at seat rail joint. Termite damage has not appreciably effected any of the legs.


 Extensive termite damage to seat rails visible.

Closeup of underside of middle of front and back seat rails, after iron stained areas treated with dilute o-phosphoric acid.

The notched-out section held a brace. The rail ends are even with respect to each other. Note the offset and irregular shapes of mortises.




Nails removed from seat
rail faces

Nails used as fill material removed from rope holes.

This is an unusual approach and material to use
for filling of holes.

 Nails from removed
seat braces

 In addition to the nails above taken from the rope holes in the seat rails, there were the (fragmented) cylindrical slate or schist dowels to the right.

Seat rails, after treating dry rot areas and major termite
channeling with low viscosity epoxy resin mixture.

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